Tools are for digging up treasures and snap photo
  • Basic Shovel
  • Pond Net
  • Hedge Trimmer
  • Brush
  • Pickaxe
  • Machete
  • Flaming Torch
  • Rock Hammer
  • Snow Glove
  • Standard Shovel
  • Small Axe
  • Rock Drill
  • Quest Camera

Lists of following tools:


Basic ShovelEdit

Basic Shovel is used when you dig up sand, ice, snow, mud and grass.

Pond NetEdit

Pond Net is used when you fish the sea with light things.

Hedge TrimmerEdit

Hedge Trimmer is used to trim bushes, blosooms and flowers.


Brush is used to comfort the animals. It is most used power in comfort the panda.


Pickaxe is used to remove the medium-sized rocks in the sea and on the land. If small ones, basic shovel can do it. It removes tall ones too.


Machete is used to cut logs and big and tall flowers and cactus.

Flaming TorchEdit

Flaming Torch is used to burn ice and icebergs.

Rock HammerEdit

Rock Hammer is used to remove big rocks.

Snow GloveEdit

Snow Glove is used to remove snowman.

Standard ShovelEdit

Standard Shovel is used to deforest covered with white snow trees in Cold North.

Small AxeEdit

Small Axe is used to deforest oval-shaped leave tree.

Rock DrillEdit

Rock Drill is used to drill big stones in the water, statues like octopus-like stone in Carribean and Far East and tall stones. It is common, especially the Far East.



Net WorkerEdit

Net Worker is used to fish large objects. E.g. Anchors, water statues.

Bonsai TrimmerEdit

Bonsai Trimmer is used to trim trees in the bonsai?

Quest CameraEdit

Quest Camera is used when you do photography missions.