The five Worlds currently consist of HomeCarribeanCold NorthFar EastThe Great Swamp

Each world has its own map and has its own treasures that can be collected.

So far monsters are not area specific, but slowly change in value as the player levels.


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This is where players can create their own island by using various tiles to create different ground effects. There are no monsters here, nor is there treasure to be found. Instead, players can purchase decorations and build workshops that will generate them income. It is possible for players to purchase more than one island when they reach higher levels.


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This world is unlocked by default when players first join the game as it is the first place where players explore.

Cold NorthEdit

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The Cold North is unlocked at level 12 and features an icy landscape that is very Viking themed.

Far EastEdit

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The Far East is unlocked at level 24 and is unique from the other worlds as it has pink cherry blossom petals drifting by in the water.

The Great SwampEdit

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The Great Swamp is unlocked when you have done your quest "Light the Way" in level 39. It is unique from the other worlds as it looks gloomy and slimy.